Atrium, 2011

Interior Architecture, Design: ISA STEIN Studio, Detailed Planning: TEAM M Architects

Our concept is to present our client as an innovative and traditional company.
As the existing architecture was formless and not straight at all, we added lines to the room.
You can find the line-theme on the ceiling, the walls and in some exclusive parts of the interior, like the bar and the stage.
For the ceiling an own system was invented, which achieves the function as a cooling ceiling but also the acoustic standards for an event hall.

Because of sliding partition walls different room sizes and areas are possible. Hence the room is as flexible as the events that take place there.
You can also find the line-theme at the catering-area and the bar. The red stripes behind glass mark the bar as the central element of the room, where all the action takes place. This red bar is the only colour dot and only the toilets pick up the red colour again, which is taken from the logo.
The rest of the colour concept is very reserved – white ceilings and walls, which are only structured by the lines.

To upgrade the small event room you can see a painting of the artist Hebenstreit that vanishes behind the partition wall, when it is open and the small room is attached to the big event area.

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