Hotel am Domplatz, 2009

Christoph Fürst, my dear artist friend, and me have won the competition with the theme “Integration”. We chose “language” in order to transport different ways of integration. We have worked with “phonetics” in the air space. The writing appears and disappears. You will find the sentence “Language is the most important tool for communication”. In the restaurant we worked with “emoticons”. In the rooms with “braille”. There you will find aestetically fine plexiglass panels. If you look closer, you will maybe realize, that it is a text in braille. We used different texts from nobel prize winners, which you will find as a hand out on the table. In the spa area we have used sign language to translate Irene Kahn´s “human rights declaration”. In all different works, we “excluded” the normal guest, who can see and hear, but he or she can “integrate” themselves by looking closer.

Architect of the hotel: Hohensinn Architektur,