Neuzeughammer, 2010

Architecture: ISA STEIN Studio

Design: Beate Seckauer, ISA STEIN

The factory „Neuzeughammer“ was founded at the end of the 19th century. Since then, the factory got expanded. In the last years it was degraded as a storage, until the new owners bought the location. The owners are quite different. Our task was, to find a way of integrating a ceramic manufacture and a flat for a ceramic artist, as well as a big garage for a car freak and a flat for him and his kids. The two flats should also have a connection door.
So we integrated the ceramic manufacture facing east, as they start early and therefore have the best sun. Over an old staircase the owner Beate gets to her flat in the first floor. Helmut has his garage in the west and his flat located above it. An external staircase is the main circulation from the external to his flat. The staircase ends up in a hugh terrace, which also connects the two apartments. For the realization of the terrace, we needed to tore down a roof of the boiler room.
The connection of the two apartments is done at the location of the two kitchen, so that the owners can help themselves out.
The kids all do have a bunk bed in order to optimize the floor plan.