Pension Goldschmiede, 2010

Architecture: ISA STEIN Studio

Design: Jacinta Mössenböck, ISA STEIN

The jeweler Jacinta is well known for her creativity and passion for art. Therefore she and her brother opened up a gallery some years ago. As Grieskirchen is a small city she now created a boutique hotel in order to give art and jewelry lovers a place to stay over night.
The rooms are all special and do have their names, like gallery room, jewelry room, as well as Vincenz and Mathias, the names of her two sons.
Jacinta herself was very involved in the selection of furniture and also the structure of the wood, which is shown in the beds as well as in the closets. The bathrooms are kept as an open space, in order to optimize the floor plan. As she is an art lover, you will always be surprised, how the room will be decorated next.