Polypex, 2015

On approximately 490 m2 you will find the new showroom and office space of the founder of the first acrylic bathtub. The production is done in a thermoforming process and uses a special net (GFK) on the back side to keep the form and stability of the tubs. This gives a certain pattern, which we wanted to show in the new space. Therefore we chose a heradesign acoustic ceiling, as well as a special pattern for the railing on the ramp to the entrance.
In general we devided the showroom into different areas, like the new arrivals at the entrance, the kids corner, the standard bathtubs in the spaceshape in the back of the room and the come together area.
To work with the zoning, we used the form of the old staircase and covered it with a golden box. (The color was taken from the logo.) The box stores the magazines, catalogues, as well as different showers. On the back side of the golden nugget, we installed the kitchen.
To get a better connection between showroom and office space, we made a window between the two areas. The outside of the building was painted in a dark blue and was wrapped with a ribbon. This shows an image of water, working with the subjects of „well feeling, warmth, water“. The ribbon is pretty dominant as it is approximately 40 m long and is well seen from the bypassing road. It is the first sight of the building.

Redesign Schauraum- and office buildings Polypex Wels – on referenzbauten.de