SAPP Headquarter, 2013

The SAPP Management AG which is international active took up residence at the cathedral square in Klagenfurt.

Three levels (ground, first and second floor) are used as office space and into the attic floor apartments are implemented.

The ambition for the new office of SAPP, which is situated on the second floor, was to create an open, lightflooded structure, which gives the possibility to work concentrated as well.

A glass screen, covered with an abstract pixel world map to symbolize the international activities of the company, was used as office dividing wall. So an acoustical separation could be reached, without losing the transparency. Rounded lights are playful spread over the ceiling and establish a connection to the pixel graphic on the glass walls.

On the opposite side of the entrance, the welcome desk was situated. Accented in its folded shape it “moves towards” the people entering the office, and shows its function as the first point of contact with the SAPP staff.