Space_K, 2012

Space_K is a dialogue within a room. The apartment was built in a children´s hospital. Therefore all the large rooms got devided into smaller sections. We tried to reinvent a spatial concept with daily comfort. Our clients lived in several different places and wanted to reintegrate some of their room settings from New York, Skandinavia and Japan. The new space_K now features a Scandinavian strictness, a New York loft atmosphere and pure Japanese clarity.
We did work with cubes being placed within the space. Only by touching the cubes, you can open different spaces within the cube. There is no handle, which you can push. But through pulling and pushing, you create flexible different space. Through that concept, all walls, which made the space tiny, were being removed.
The coloring for the space was a special task. The palette is representing earth tones – the wooden floor got a white tone, the cube has a mud coloring and the new bath area is beige.
Only twice, the concept gets proofed by design inventions. The sideboard of the kitchen is folded within itself and at the entrance the cube gets mirrored endlessly through a mirror wall. The playful use of space and the pulling and pushing of the cube changes the perception.
The very subtle coloring is important for the purity of space, so that the art of our clients can change from time to time. We worked on the discussion of: “Should architecture repress space or should architecture assist space”. We decided that the architecture is present but not overwhelming the space and the user.