Steyr Motors, 2015

Architektur: Gierkinger und Partner
Innenarchitektur und Design: ISA STEIN
Grafik: Mag. Christoph Aschaber

Our idea was to reintegrate the innovation of Steyr Motors in our design. Therefore we used clear forms and straight edges, as already seen in the front desk. This one is made out of white corian and is juxtaposed by a red world map in the background. Grafic design leads through the whole building and forms a guideline in the different departments.
The new built level hosts the management. The entrance is formed by an oval block being sitting area at the one side and copy zone at the other side.
The new restaurant for the stuff shows different zoning to have private meetings and long tables for a „table d´ot“ principle.
The new look tries to reflect an innovative company and also inhance and motivate people who work there.