Studio GU 25 Wien, 2015

The building with a mezzanine space, directly connected to the street, really needed a renovation immediately and revealed a great potential and plenty of space for creative development and opportunities. The goal was to fit a new design into the rooms, but at the same time be careful with the old substance to generate a new symbiosis.
Flexible working conditions should be created within the space, which can provide both, room for the artistic work process, as well as architecture.
Also meetings of different artists should be possible, or just give space to discuss architectural work with clients. And of course a private space as retreat which offers the necessary calmness.

The street facing room is entered through a newly designed and transparent windscreen, which allows conscious insights from the street into the work area. Office workplace is located here, but because of being that spacious, artistic work finds it place here as well.
The interaction with passers-by and their insights into the working process are desired.
The existing parquet floor was preserved and completely renovated.
Walls and ceilings are kept completely white to let the art appear unaffected of the surrounding.
A modern kitchen as a central element of communication was placed in the middle room and becomes not only an art venue, but also art storage and exhibition area.
The existing tile floor was uncovered again, creating a unique atmosphere.
A freestanding stone tub in the room can be used for bathing, but also as a cooling tray for drinks during an event.
A place to stay for guests, as an open 2-story box was also integrated into this area. The lower level contains an open plan washing area and a toilet. Using a ladder you can reach the open sleeping loft in the layer above it.
The rear space, only for private use, offers a place to sleep and a bathroom. In this area you can wrap yourself with the soft flowing curtains and enjoy this retirement.
Suitable for the flexible use of the rooms, light rails were integrated below the ceiling, which can provide general lighting, produce a partial indirect light to create a pleasant atmosphere for evening events, or
highlight individual pictures.