Stumpergasse 60, 2015

Entwurf, Einreichung: Hot Architektur
Einreichung und Ausführung: ISA STEIN ZT GmbH

The main concern of this project, was to build up a tension between the very unconventional roof architecture and the existing substance.
4 levels were renovated and two more were created on the roof. Old and new can coexist next to each other and refer to a new composition. Courtyards within the building bring the light deep into the structure, new terraces are attached to the building. Between them, a steel structure is giving form to the volume.
The facade next to the street shows sliding doors, which have a pattern engraved, bringing different light shades into the room.
From the street the facade shows the new interpretation of a historic face and a meandering form as a roof on top.

Restoration Stumpergasse 60 in Vienna – on