THE GABRIUM, Maria Enzersdorf, 2018

THE GABRIUM is a small picturesque hotel located in the monastery of St. Gabriel. One other wing of the building is still the home of the monkhood. The location itself is like a little town in itself. This was what we also wanted to capture in our design. As the monkhood went through the years all over the world, we got inspired by different cultures. Every floor typifies an other continent. This is shown in the patterns already in the aisle. These special patterns, which we designed for the hotel, will be found also in the rooms within the bed, the mirrors and the blankets.

Additionally to that, we created every one of the 23 rooms with individual accessoires and design.

The main theme, we were working on for Europe were stories about the collection of Victor Graf von Stein, who was focused on collecting books of fairy tales.

In the African floor, we worked on tattoos on the wall, a transfer method, we created ourselves, to leave prints of Geccos on the wall. We also brought in native African art.

The South American floor was inspired by the myth of the sun goddess, which you also find on the wall by our tattoo transfer technic.

And for Asia, we were lucky to get a photo collection from 1920, showing Maharadjas of Jodhpur.

All these elements you can also find in the lobby, which is the melting pot for all the continents. Even there, and in the restaurant, the ball room and business area, we created special patterns for the reception, the bar and so on.

It is a journey, which is always different, a journey through the building, which you can create yourself.